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Recognising guests at events just by their faces

Visitors attending the ITB MICE NIGHT will be registered using facial recognition for the first time

The introduction of facial recognition ushers in a new era in the management of admission to events. The event organisers’ association Verband der Veranstaltungsorganisatoren e.V. is presenting this pioneering technology for the first time in Germany at the ITB MICE NIGHT on 8 March 2018 at the International Club Berlin. Applications to attend should be submitted to

Social media platforms have already been using facial recognition for some time. For example, Facebook uses this technology for photo tag proposals, and SnapChat for face filters. But its use is not confined to social media: airlines, including China Southern and Finnair, are beginning to employ this technology for a number of purposes, one of them being to speed up checking in.

Visitors attending the ITB MICE NIGHT can try out registration via facial recognition live for the first time. This technology is being made available by FastLane GmbH powered by Zenus. This company is an innovative and experienced provider of systems for handling attendees, in areas such as live badging, access management and event apps.

All visitors registering for the ITB MICE NIGHT at can upload a photo of themselves during the registration process. This can be a LinkedIn profile photo, a passport photo or even a good selfie. The software scans the biometric data on the photo and stores it as a biometric profile. As soon as the guest appears at the registration desk on the ITB MICE NIGHT the camera will record his or her face and compare the biometric points with the stored biometric profiles. If the images match, the guest’s admission badge is printed in a quick and easy process.

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