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The robot says “Hello“

“Good Morning, Pepper“, said David Ruetz, head of ITB Berlin, welcoming the interactive service robot at the World’s Largest Travel Trade Show. David Ruetz and Pepper the friendly, whirring robot struck up a human/humanoid conversation to open the eTravel Stage at ITB Berlin, the platform for showcasing and debating digital innovations. “There can hardly be another place like ITB Berlin where there are so many experts gathered in one place“, said a delighted David Ruetz.

One of them was Nicolas Boudot from SoftBank Robotics, the company that manufactures Pepper and the market leader in this sector. 20,000 of their service robots are already operating worldwide, the majority of them in Asia, Europe and the US. According to Boudot the robot’s success is down to his friendly nature and versatility. “Everyone likes him.”

Pepper speaks 17 languages, can translate and distiguish between men and women. If he has access to his counterpart’s personal data he can articulate personalised tips for activities. “He can work as a receptionist, brand ambassador, offer advice, sell and advertise and even entertain“, says Boudot. “He provides customers and travellers with added value.“

At ITB Berlin Pepper was able to demonstrate how he would welcome a visitor to a hotel in Berlin. The visitor identified himself with his Gold Card and Pepper explained how to access the Wi-Fi network and make use of local services. Then he transmitted the information received to the reception desk. Thus, Pepper had successfully welcomed a visitor, checked them in and relayed data.

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