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On safari in Botswana, the partner country of ITB Berlin 2017

Partner country of ITB Berlin 2017 Botswana impresses with huge bio-diversity and wildlife nature reserves

A true nature paradise awaits travellers visiting Botswana. The partner country of ITB Berlin 2017 Is among the African states that can boast the most impressive wilderness and wildlife nature reserves. 38 per cent of Botswana's total land area contains national parks, reserves and wildlife management areas, which for the most part are unfenced, allowing animals to roam wild and free.

Botswana can proudly describe itself as one of the last big treasure troves on the planet. Thus the Okavango Delta is one of the world's largest pristine inland delta regions. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the world's second largest wildlife reserve, gives visitors an idea of how unimaginably vast this country is. In the north-east of the Kalahari lies the uninhabited Makgadikgadi Pan, an area almost the size of Portugal, and in the Chobe National Park travellers can experience Botswana's hugely diverse wildlife.

Botswana is also an important sanctuary for many endangered birds and mammals, including the African wild dog, cheetah, brown hyena, Cape vulture and kori bustard. Safari travellers can look out for them as well as other wild animals and observe them in their natural habitat. When an event-packed day finally comes to an end visitors can enjoy a breathtaking sunset and a night-time sky full of stars.

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