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Secure eco-systems for travellers

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Monika Wiederhold from Amadeus calls for health information to be integrated in IT solutions at ITB Berlin NOW

“We cannot go back to the way things were“, said Monika Wiederhold, quoting WHO General Secretary Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at her introductory speech at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention. The CEO of Amadeus Germany GmbH called for the creation of secure eco-systems with the help of new technologies.

People all over the world were feeling uncertain where travel was concerned. A safe Covid test in Milan did not necessarily count in Shanghai. Where was quarantining required, when and for how long? Around the world it was becoming clear that travel would no longer be the same as before. Even when everything was allowed again people would be hesitant to make travel plans. “We have to instil trust in travellers again“, Monika Wiederhold said. Every country, region and country had its own answers to confronting Covid-19. “That means travellers are in a very complex situation“, she added. “Employing standards could make things easier around the world and for travelling.

To begin with, information had to be available in real time. This could be achieved with new technologies for contact-free interaction. “Using biometric identification, it is not only airports where processes could be undertaken securely and rapidly. It could be done in hotels too“, she said. 

Thus, health certificates could be integrated in data systems, thereby reducing the administrative load on tour operators. Travellers could easily prove they had the necessary health documents and decide for themselves when and where they wanted to supply digital proof of their health status. Airlines and airports could integrate the information in their own digital systems.

Strong partnerships that enabled a flow of information would be necessary to achieve this. Wiederhold was certain that “there is only one way to bring travel back, and that is together.“

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