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Taekwondo course, bathing in rice wine and becoming a K-pop star

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South Korea presented a potpourri of different experiences at ITB Berlin NOW

Stephanie Nickel, PR & MICE manager at the Frankfurt office of the Korea Tourist Organization, really made mouths water on Friday at the ITB Berlin NOW with her presentation of Korea’s culinary diversity and the cookery courses that are available in South Korea. Nickel had many other recommendations too, such as tours of the palace in Hanbok, in a traditional Korean costume which can be borrowed for the occasion. Meditation in a monastery is another possibility. “Visitors can take a cup of tea with the monks, or stay overnight", Nickel explained, and also pointed out that a number of Korean temples offer stays and visitor programmes in English. Other recommendations: taekwondo courses, sample lessons in Korean handicrafts, where visitors can create their own holiday souvenirs, and the chance to record one’s own K pop song. “One can be made up like a star for this purpose ", commented Nickel, and emphasised that South Korea is worth visiting at any time of year.

Of course, at the present time it is easiest to take a virtual trip to South Korea, for example on Instagram (, YouTube ( and Facebook ( Currently entry is denied to tourists, but negotiations are now in progress to determine under what conditions, for example with regard to vaccinations or a certificate of immunity, and when visitors from abroad will be allowed in again.

Along with the Korea Tourist Organization the South Korean press conference at ITB Berlin NOW also featured two providers of tourism services: Dooyoun Hwang from US TRAVEL KOREA presented a number of round trip packages which are available to parties of two or more, and pointed out that visits to South Korea can be easily combined with stop-overs in Japan or Taiwan. In addition Dr. Michael J. Ahn, executive vice president of Rakkojae Hanok Hotels, presented traditionally styled boutique hotels and revealed that it is also possible to bathe in rice wine in these hotels. He gave the assurance that such rice wine baths are extremely good for the skin.

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