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Tahiti: Underwater weddings


At ITB Berlin 2015 Tahiti is advertising a holiday with a difference: couples who enjoy the experience of being underwater can now get married below the waves in Tahiti in French Polynesia. Bora Bora Underwater Wedding lets lovers tie the knot below the surface of an impressive lagoon surrounded by colourful marine wildlife, and also to renew their wedding vows. The entire ceremony takes place underwater inside the lagoon. Bride and bridegroom wear special underwater headgear enabling them to enjoy the unique experience of what will probably be the most important moment of their lives, surrounded by a beautiful lagoon that for many is already one of the most spectacular in the world.

On Tetiaroa Atoll an eco hotel resort called The Brando has opened whose luxury style is entirely in keeping with Hollywood tastes. For many years the island was a getaway favoured by Marlon Brando. The inspiration for the resort came from his vision of an eco-sustainable retreat where visitors could get to know and experience the diversity of French Polynesia and its inhabitants. Tetiaroa is also a bird sanctuary and marine wildlife reserve.

Visitors can get to know the islands through Tahiti Homes who organise affordable accommodation. Visitors can enjoy the exclusive holiday benefits of more privacy, more living space, their own kitchen, perhaps their own pool and even their own private beach.

Photo: Underwater wedding © Tahiti Tourisme
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Press contact: Ilija Ganopolski

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