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Tibetan Trekking

Tibetan Trekking

This is the second time that the Tibetan Trekking Travel Co. will be represented at ITB Berlin, the world’s largest travel trade show. It is this tourism company’s aim that ITB Berlin should be a platform enabling Tibetan Trekking to showcase its products and services. For years the focus of Tibetan Trekking has been on tours in the Himalayas, in particular in Tibet and its two traditional holiday regions Kham and Amdo in the east. This vast country is ideal for outdoor adventure, including trekking, hiking and many other activities besides. It also has many cultural attractions to offer: in bygone days knives, horses and yaks were the three most prominent things to be found almost everywhere in Tibet. Nowadays, one can find beer, billiard tables and convenience foods in every village. Urban and rural everyday life is changing in Tibet. Experts on the stand of Tibet at ITB Berlin will be on hand to answer visitors’ questions.

Photo: Tibetan Trekking
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