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KNAPPSCHAFT informiert auf der ITB Berlin über wichtige Reiseschutzimpfungen.

KNAPPSCHAFT provides details at ITB Berlin about important vaccinations for travellers.

Travelers should never underestimate the risks of infection. Whether in Kenya, Cuba or Cambodia: anyone who travels the world is sure to gain many new experiences. But the one thing they all want to avoid is an infectious disease. The risk of infection is particularly high in the more exotic countries. In certain destinations diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A and B, malaria or Japanese encephalitis present a serious danger.

As one of the largest statutory health insurers, KNAPPSCHAFT reimburses all those that it insures for the costs of all the travel vaccinations that are recommended for specific destinations by the German foreign office. Vaccinations can be obtained from one’s general practitioner or from the public health office. It is important to find out two months before starting one’s journey what vaccination protection is needed, because, if several vaccinations are required, it may be necessary to leave gaps between them. If an extended stay abroad is planned, it is also essential to consult a specialist in tropical medicine. Experts from the KNAPPSCHAFT health insurance scheme will be providing detailed information at ITB Berlin about all aspects of protection for travellers.

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