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TTA is playing an increasingly important role in global tourism

ITB Berlin 2019: Technology, Tours und Activities

Technology, Tours and Activities (TTA) celebrated its launch at this year’s ITB Berlin. In an interview, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) as well as Friederike Hansen and Juliane Gaebler, who are responsible for the TTA segment at ITB Berlin, give their assessment of events.

You participated in the launch of the new Technology, Tours und Activities (TTA) segment at ITB Berlin 2019. How did the show go for you? What successes did you record?

ATTA: The launch of this segment makes a lot of sense in the context of current dynamics in our industry. Technology will continue to be a defining factor for the future of the travel and tourism industry so it made a lot of sense for ITB Berlin to put special spotlight on the theme. We enjoyed the fair very much as it provided a rich diversity of perspectives and topics. At lectures that dwelt on technology and various approaches Milena Nikolova, our director of Knowledge and Education, offered a human lens and spoke about how technology changes behaviour and decision making patterns, and why that should matter to the industry.  Overall, this was a valuable experience for us and we look forward to being part of future sessions on technology.

In your opinion, how was TTA received by trade visitors, what was the mood?

ATTA: Members of our team had the opportunity to participate in various sessions and share some of our thinking on the latest developments in adventure travel at panel discussions. This gave us an opportunity not only to network but to demonstrate the ATTA’s thought leadership on many topics that are defining for the future of our industry. In general the ATTA community was interested in every event at ITB Berlin which dealt with the TTA segment – not least in order to find out more about other companies.

What goals have you set yourself for the future and ITB Berlin 2020?

ATTA: We have been partnering with ITB Berlin for over a decade and have been one of the main forces in the shaping and developing adventure travel and socially responsible tourism in Hall 4.1b. The number of organisations, including tourism associations, which have positioned themselves in this market has grown over the years. We are firmly of the opinion that the only way tourism should be developing is based on principles of sustainability. In future the ATTA will continue to build on its leadership role globally and aims to have more impact and increased role in the key ITB Agenda in 2020. Our mission is to inspire, connect and empower the global travel community to deliver experiences that protect natural and cultural capital and create shared economic value. We see a great opportunity for impact on the global community through our collaboration with ITB Berlin.

Juliane Gaebler, ITB Berlin: “The potential of the TTA segment is greater than we imagined

TTA celebrated its launch at ITB Berlin 2019. What were the reactions from exhibitors and trade visitors?

Juliane Gaebler: The new segment got off to a great start. Positioning it next door to Adventure Travel and Travel Technology has clearly turned out to be a good decision. A number of exhibitors have already enquired about additional space at TTA for ITB Berlin 2020. Some exhibitors who were previously in other halls now want to switch to TTA. Accordingly, the level of interest among trade visitors was high, whereby in our survey we found that the segment has even greater potential. Some visitors only realised what TTA had to offer once the show had started and due to a full timetable were unable to make full use of it.

On the subject of TTA, in addition to technology providers and channel managers there were many discussions rounds at the ITB Berlin Convention and a Forum at the eTravel Lab. What was the response?

Juliane Gaebler: There was huge interest in the topics. During the course of the Thursday afternoon there were 1,400 attendees at the TTA Forum alone. Some events were so packed that some visitors were unable to get in. The quality of speakers was considered high at both the ITB Berlin Convention and the eTravel events. This positive feedback underlined the fact that ITB Berlin made the right decision to launch this segment and the topics it deals with.

What plans have you got for ITB Berlin 2020? Will there be any changes?

Friederike Hansen: One thing is certain: the segment will continue and in particular we will be expanding the networking opportunities. How that will turn out in detail is something we will first discuss internally and then with our partners. Our coordination with industry players is one of the key factors of long-term success. As with every tech-driven industry, what counts is that we must mirror the industry’s developments, changes and needs in order to continue to be successful. We are greatly looking forward to the next edition in 2020.

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