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Tunes that make you want to travel

by Messe Berlin/ITB Berlin

 ITB’s brand new Spotify playlist with its travel-themed tunes lets stay-at-home listeners long for the big wide world         

Music brings people together even in times of coronavirus lockdown

These are extraordinary times in which we are all victims of a global crisis of unforeseen dimensions. All the more uplifting then to see how inspiring projects, initiatives and activities are springing up out of nowhere, created by communities, businesses, artists and members of the general public. An increasing number of artists are broadcasting their message through music videos on social media, while orchestras, musicians and DJs are performing live-streamed concerts. And in the inner cities spontaneous balcony concerts are taking place with the neighbours. The coronavirus has not dampened our lust for travel, but sadly, travelling to faraway countries is impossible right now. What could be more fitting then than to be inspired by travel-themed tunes within one’s four walls, while dreaming of faraway lands. ITB Berlin has trawled the world of music to put together a playlist on Spotify that features over one hundred tracks with travel destinations as their theme.

For instance ’Africa’. There are not many songs like the one by Toto that take listeners on such an impressive trip to Africa. It features bush drums, rainfall and Kilimanjaro, towering from Olympian heights above the Serengeti. Will Smith takes listeners longing to travel on a wild tour of ’Miami’. This track by the lead character of Bad Boys embodies all that is cool about the city in the US. in ‘Budapest’ the British singer songwriter George Ezra whets listeners’ appetite for travel. He wrote the summer 2014 hit on an Interrail journey across Europe. ‘Streets of London’ is a ballad full of melancholy. Ralph McTell tells the story of a lonely old man. Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London.”

“On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair” is the opening lyric of the legendary Eagles hit ‘Hotel California’. The sunshine state’s vibes and a sensation of bare feet in the sand of endless beaches can be felt with every chord, even at home on the sofa. More beaches perhaps? Ziggy Marley’s reggae track ‘Beach in Hawaii’ makes every listener dream. “Looking at the ocean now I understand Love is like the open sea”. There can surely be no one who has never heard the ultimate classic ‘Girl from Ipanema’, Frank Sinatra and Antônio Carlos Jobim’s declaration of love to an unknown girl and Rio de Janeiro’s famous beach.

Songs for globetrotters can be found here.

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