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Virtual 360°Reality: the perfect presentation of a destination in the travel agency

Virtual 360° Reality Brille

ITB Berlin attendees can experience the wow effect for themselves with 360° tours

The most competent advice is made perfect only with the right presentation.  Diginetmedia, a leading provider of virtual 360° tours for the past 15 years, will present the Virtual 360° Reality version of 360° tours at ITB Berlin.  This offers a very surprising 3D perspective.  With the help of VR headsets, viewers “experience” every single panorama.  A tour menu allows for simple yet ingenious viewing by means of head movements.  If the viewer looks up, the view follows upwards, if they look left, the view follows left. This gives the feeling of being inside every cabin, hotel room or restaurant.  The VR version can be viewed with any VR headset, for example Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR One or Oculus Rift.  Attendees can even experience the wow effect for themselves with Google Cardboard and their own smart phone.

Visitors can use any of the above-mentioned VR headsets to test the VR version. For professional and innovative travel advice, there is the new Diginetmedia Virtual 360° Reality Platform.  A completely unique and continually expanding selection of 360° panoramas from some 500 leading providers awaits the viewer.  These can be viewed with the VR headset, on a desktop or a mobile terminal available as a subscription or with a coupon.  The first 50 subscribers at the Diginetmedia stand at ITB Berlin will receive three months free and a Google Cardboard.  The advisory mode is brand new.  The image is displayed on the desktop in the travel agency, parallel to the VR headset.

Photo: © Andreas Weigel

Hall 25, Booth 124

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