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A virtual reality view of London


The Shard is a skyscraper in London and at 310 metres it is currently the tallest building in the European Union. Standing at 244 metres above ground it offers breathtaking views of the whole of London which visitors to ITB Berlin can now experience exclusively in virtual reality. Views include those of the Thames and Tower Bridge, and by looking to the left one can see St. Paul‘s and a little further on, Buckingham Palace.
Samsung’s VR headgear makes this view from Europe’s highest observation deck possible. Wearers will experience a 360-degree panoramic view of London taken over 48 hours in fast motion, including sunrise and sunset. They can also take a virtual look into the future into the year 2030. For this purpose building projects now in the planning stage were included in the virtual reality display.
This virtual view from the Shard was made possible by Visualise, who are leaders in virtual reality and 360-degree content. The biggest challenge was recreating the various effects of light and the angles from which the city can be seen, says Henry Stuart, co-founder of Visualise. “The first time we saw the Shard piercing the sky above London we were convinced we wanted to capture this view as a virtual experience. After conducting painstaking planning, creating special equipment and by ignoring vertigo we were able to reproduce Europe’s highest views as a virtual reality experience. Anyone who has ever wanted to hang from the side of London’s highest skyscraper like King Kong has their chance to do so now.“

Photo: St Paul’s Cathedral ©The View from The Shard
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