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We Love Travel! Exhibitor News: Sustainability has high priority in Oman / A tour of Tunisia’s south

Tourism marketing in Oman is particularly focused on sustainable travel. That was a policy cornerstone of his country, said Salim Al Mamari, the Ministry of Tourism’s director of Sales & Marketing on Friday at the virtual We Love Travel! event, with a view to business after the coronavirus pandemic. The country was focused on doing everything to meet the needs of future generations where travel was concerned. He quoted a turtle reserve as an example, which was strictly protected by a decree from the sultan. Tourists were allowed to enter but numbers were limited, and attention was paid to ensure that noise levels were adhered to in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment’s guidelines.


A tour of Tunisia’s south

Tunisia as a holiday destination is weathering the coronavirus crisis by intensifying its marketing activities. On Friday at the virtual We Love Travel! event, Riadh Dekili said the country’s tourism industry was well prepared, now that it had reopened following a total lockdown on 27 June. The country had maintained its marketing efforts by stepping up activities on Facebook, the internet in general and via press releases and had been organising webinars. There was now also a greater focus on the southern region.

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