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Wellness for all: a market with the potential for expansion

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Ingo Schweder at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention on prospects, objectives met, and what remains to be done

“Wellness is a segment that will continue to grow”, according to Ingo Schweder at ITB Berlin NOW. Even during the worldwide financial crisis in 2009 sales in this area doubled, which is why he is confident that the wellness curve will continue to go upwards after the Covid pandemic is over: ”After all, health and well-being are now firmly fixed in people’s minds.”

Schweder maintains that there will be even more demand for wellness products and services because people are exhausted and suffering coronavirus fatigue. Many have less money at their disposal and want to book holidays that offer them something of value. There is more on offer now in the two to four star categories, and therefore wellness will be available to everyone, and not just a select few. “Health is important to everyone”, said Schweder – and this will be reflected in what is on offer and again in sales. The combination of wellness offers with medical treatment is one aspect that will gain importance: “Wellness will evolve from being a strictly luxury product to something that is available in all areas of life and at all levels.”

Ingo Schweder has more than 30 years of experience in the health spa and hospitality sector.  He is continually developing outstanding concepts in the wellness field for GocoHospitality and Horwath HTL Health and Wellness. His company operates health spas under the Goco brand name in Greece and in the United Arab Emirates, and also owns Glen Ivy Hot Springs in southern California, the oldest health spa in the USA. 

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