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What really makes mountain biking in Saxony so great – An interview with Ronny Schwarz, Tourismusverband Erzgebirge e.V.

The mountain bike route Stoneman-Miriquidi, © Manuel Rohne

With regions like the Erzgebirge and Vogtland increasingly attracting mountain bikers, Saxony’s reputation as a paradise for the sport is spreading in the MTB scene. Among mountain bikers the Erzgebirge is no longer an insider tip. Everywhere, mountain bikers are finding their needs well catered for with soul and passion. Ronny Schwarz manages active tourism product development at Tourismusverband Erzgebirge e. V.. In addition to having successfully organised biking adventures with the Stoneman Miriquidi trail, he also has new mountain biking projects up his sleeve.

The Erzgebirge has recently become a big destination for mountain bikers. Tell us more about it.

Yes, we are really proud of that. Over the past few years successful efforts have been made all over the region to cater for mountain bikers. As a mid-level mountain range, the Erzgebirge offers great action for bikers, breathtaking natural beauty and a spontaneous sense of freedom. Our standout attraction is the Stoneman Miriquidi, an exclusive mountain bike trail in Germany. Compared with other mid-level German mountain ranges, the Stoneman and other trails such as the TrailCenter Rabenberg and Bikerevier certainly stand out as mountain biking destinations. With the new "8000er Blockline" project we are aiming to create another highlight for mountain bikers, a trail that will connect the towns of Seiffen, famous for its toy production, and Altenberg, a centre for winter sports.

You are responsible for developing active tourism products for the Erzgebirge. The Blockline is the most recent adventure project. Tell us more about that.

The Blockline is an adventure biking trail for sporting families with children aged eight and above. Starting at Holzhau and connecting Seiffen, Mulda and Altenberg, the trail is a biking experience for the whole family. Biking enthusiasts of all ages can go on a three-lap discovery tour of the beautiful, pristine landscape of the eastern Erzgebirge. Following an initiative by the locals, we are promoting an attraction that shows why mountain biking in Saxony is so great, and what is all about. Anyone who wants to be active in nature and explore the landscape has the freedom to do so and will have lots of fun.

That sounds exciting. What makes the Blockline so special?

On a total of 140 kilometres, everyone who goes on the Blockline biking adventure will feel a wonderful sensation of undiluted freedom in the Erzgebirge. Massive, breathtaking wooden portals reflect what the region is all about and point one in the direction of spectacular views, unique rock formations, lush mountain meadows and picturesque streams. Those are three laps of freedom, longing and adventure for all the family. The sensational panorama of the solitary Schwartenberg peak, the swishing of the watermills in the valley along the River Gimmlitz and the fascinating world of  woodcraft. There is something for everybody there, and it will be kicking off this spring.

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