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To win: Big 5 Mountain Bike Tour in Southern Africa

Toerboer Great Trek Adventure Tours

Toerboer Great Trek Adventure Tours will be present at ITB Berlin 2015 for the first time by “the Toerboer” himself: Dawid de Wet. Toerboer is an Afrikaans term meaning “the travelling farmer”. The early settlers or Voortrekkers as they were known, packed all their belongings on ox wagons and left their farms in the Cape Colony (today South Africa’s Western Cape Province with Cape Town as capital) to trek away from the oppressive British colony and look for a better life in the unchartered inland areas. Dawid de Wet has his ancestry roots in these people and continues with their travelling, trekking and touring legacy today. His tours include overland adventure safaris in a well-equipped 4x4 vehicle (covering South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania), unique archaeological tours in South Africa, special and exclusive multi-day mountain bike tours in the Mthimkhulu sector of the Greater Kruger National Park and a customized motorcycle tours through Southern Africa.
The new archaeological tours combine the best South Africa has to offer with regards to the historical landscape and wildlife. The tours cater for the amateur and expert archaeologist alike and include visits to previously unknown archaeological and anthropological sites of importance as well as the well-known and globally important sites such as the Mapungubwe and Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Sites. These tours will be kept small and serviced by two guides, of which one is a top professor of Archaeology at the Wits University in Johannesburg.
A Mthimkhulu Big 5 Mountain Bike Tour for two will be a gift to a lucky visitor at ITB Berlin.

Photo: Toerboer Great Trek Adventure Tours
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