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The winner of this year‘s 'TravelUps! Startup Challenge' is

TravelUps! winner

The perfect way to achieve success

With the ‘Travelups! Startup Challenge’ held on 31 October 2017 at the Feria Internacional de Turismo de América Latina (FIT) in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s start-up community recognised South American travel industry start-ups.

The winner of this year‘s TravelUps! Startup Challenge is - a reputation management tool ( MyHotel is going to be exhibiting at ITB Berlin 2018 within the eTravel World.

TravelUps is a startup contest in the context of #TurTech2017 (TurTech) during FIT - Feria Internacional de Turismo de América Latina in Buenos Aires with 5 finalists, 4 of them with a hospitality focus. ITB Berlin has been sponsor for the second time. The jury consists of investors, representatives of known Travel Tech companies, Juliane Gaebler of ITB and representatives of the ministry of tourism. will receive a comprehensive exhibitor package for the eTravel World at ITB Berlin 2018. The Travel Technology segment at the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show® gives start-ups access to the global market and a chance to showcase their innovations to professionals from around the world.

This competition has been held at Turtech since 2015, the eCommerce segment of FIT, the South American travel trade show. The aim is to provide start-ups, investors and major players in the tourism industry with an interactive space to explore the opportunities offered by the tourism and technology sectors. It also showcases the start-up scene in Argentina’s tourism industry and presents tourism industry solutions.

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