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Meaningful statistics: Three leading market research institutes provide valuable insights into their surveys

The first day of We Love Travel! kicked off in earnest with a panel under the heading ’Crunching Numbers’ which presented the findings of three leading market research institutes. Ulf Sonntag from FUR presented September’s ReiseAnalyse findings. The survey had asked participants whether they had the money, time and the desire to travel. The good news is that the answers were similarly positive to last year’s on all three counts. Only ten per cent of the respondents said they would travel only if a vaccine were available.

What is particularly heartening is that many customers already...


Business Travel Collapse: Can the Recovery Suceed?

In the virtual convention on 15 September, Christoph Garnier – President of VDR – the German Business Travel Association — spoke in detail about future prospects for global business travel.

Garnier announced details of the organisation’s annual Business Travel Report. It showed that in 2019, German-based companies spent €53.5bn on business travel in all its forms.

“This is not something that will disappear all of a sudden”, said Garnier, adding, “Sometimes when I read articles with people saying ‘business travel will disappear in the future’, it makes...


COVID-19: Nothing in the Tourism Industry will be the same Again / Nothing is as we know it anymore: COVID-19 makes previous knowledge of tourism demand obsolete.

Changing tourist flows, travel decisions and spending, customer preferences, growth segments – only slowly is it becoming clearer what the new global travel world looks like.

On 15 September, in a Virtual ITB convention, Statista, the highly renowned global market research company and statistics portal, presented the latest demand data and provided valuable insights into the future of tourism demand.

Claudia Cramer, Director Market Research, Statista GmbH, presented current data and news concerning the global tourism industry.

She outlined the growth...


The Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism competition: the winners have been announced

On 21 September the judges announced the winners of The Social Entrepreneurship competition sponsored by ITB Berlin and the Berlin Travel Festival

In June Travel Massive, Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde (HNEE), the Berlin Travel Festival and ITB Berlin came together to organise The Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism competition. As the only competition of its kind worldwide it recognises social innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism. Its focus is on the challenges that result from developments in tourism.

First prize in the category...

Nach einer umfangreichen Aussteller-Studie startet die ITB Berlin nun eine große Umfrage unter allen B2B-Messeteilnehmern

Helping to shape the future of the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show: Following its comprehensive survey of exhibitors ITB Berlin is launching a major poll of all participants in B2B events

ITB Berlin recently asked a large number of exhibitors about their intentions regarding participation in the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show next year. The subsequent analysis showed that a large percentage said they were planning to attend ITB Berlin 2021. The interviewees also said which specific measures they would like to see implemented for their visit to be a success.

A survey is now being launched to gauge the opinions of all participants in B2B events. The questions can be answered using the following link: https://lamapoll...

Moderne Matchmaking-Technologie macht Networken spielend leicht und überaus effizient

ITB Travel Network: Finding contacts made easy

Modern matchmaking technology makes networking child’s play and highly efficient

Being well connected is particularly important in difficult times. ITB Berlin has launched the ITB Travel Network to make it easier to find new business partners and stay in touch with one another. This new social network for the worldwide professional travel community enables users to reach exactly the right partners 365 days a year, those who can contribute decisively to their...

Reisen in Corona-Zeiten

ITB Virtual Convention addresses burning post Covid-19 questions

PhoCusWright founder and serial board director Philip C. Wolf suggested travel companies should “tear up the old budgets and roadmaps, and to create new budgets, roadmaps and forecasts”, in a comprehensive webinar: “Planning for what will come, not for what was” on 2 July, 2020.

Indeed, the corona pandemic is shaking the foundations of the global tourism industry more than any previous crisis. The post Corona tourism world will be a completely new one – with tectonic shifts on the demand and supply sides that have not yet been imaginable. This was the kick off...

Woman placing sticky notes

Forward-looking, creative ideas on sustainability: ITB Berlin and the Berlin Travel Festival support ’The Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism’ competition

For the second time Travel Massive, Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde (HNEE), ITB Berlin and the Berlin Travel Festival are joining forces to organise The Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism competition. It is the first and only one of its kind in the world and recognises social innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism. In particular, it addresses the...

Tourists at the beach in Egremni (Lefkada)

An industry comes back to life: How the tourism industry is preparing for the ‘new normal’ in travel

The last few months have been a real turning point for the industry. Never before has the world stood still, and along with it the possibilities for travel. In retrospect, the plight of the holidaymakers who were stranded in Spain under a volcanic ash cloud now seems trivial compared with the impact of recent times. While shutting down tourism and aviation at the start of the outbreak was a logistical tour de force, the effort needed now to restart these industries is much greater. In addition to the obvious tasks of organising staff and logistics, the main goal is to win back...

Woman and a dog in outdoor tent

An exotic experience at home: Faced with closed borders and uncertainty over foreign travel requirements, holidaymakers are discovering the benefits of local destinations

Longing for home: amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic travellers around the world are significantly changing their habits. Against a backdrop of closed borders and continually changing travel requirements holidaying at home is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition. Tour operators are making efforts to foresee changing cross-border travel requirements so that customers can better plan their trips abroad. However, in Germany a large number of travellers are already turning their attention to local destinations. These are among the findings of a recent survey by the...