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Berlin Travel Festival; We Love Travel!

Being sustainable means being socially responsible too

The travel industry cannot overcome the coronavirus crisis by returning to business as normal. That was what the participants in Friday’s panel on sustainability at the virtual We Love Travel! event agreed upon. Quentin Walesch from the strategy consultancy WAALD took the view that making use of recycled materials was no longer enough. Inga Huijbrechts from Radisson Hotels reminded those present that according to surveys about two-thirds of customers were keen on sustainable travel. Greater transparency was needed in order to make that possible for them.

Package tours are alive and well

With their promise of better security, hygiene and flexibility for the customer, package tours will survive the coronavirus crisis. That was what the members of Friday’s panel on package tours at the We Love Travel! online event agreed upon. The customer’s anxiety prior to a trip was something that had to be rooted out, said Sandra Castro from the travel tech company Amadeus, and pointed to lodgings listing their hygiene standards at the time of booking as an example.

Zahlen mit großer Aussagekraft: Drei führende Marktforschungsinstitutionen geben wertvolle Einblicke in ihre Studien

Eine solide Grundlage für den ersten Tag von We Love Travel! bildete das Panel „Crunching Numbers“ zu den Ergebnissen dreier renommierter Marktforschungsinstitutionen. Ulf Sonntag von FUR stellte die Resultate der ReiseAnalyse vom September vor. In ihr wurden Teilnehmer gefragt, ob Geld, Lust und Zeit für Reisen vorhanden sind. Das Positive vorweg: Die drei Faktoren weisen ähnlich gute Werte wie im Jahr zuvor auf. Lediglich 10 Prozent der Befragten möchten ausdrücklich nur dann reisen, wenn ein Impfstoff vorhanden ist.

Meaningful statistics: Three leading market research institutes provide valuable insights into their surveys

The first day of We Love Travel! kicked off in earnest with a panel under the heading ’Crunching Numbers’ which presented the findings of three leading market research institutes. Ulf Sonntag from FUR presented September’s ReiseAnalyse findings. The survey had asked participants whether they had the money, time and the desire to travel. The good news is that the answers were similarly positive to last year’s on all three counts. Only ten per cent of the respondents said they would travel only if a vaccine were available.