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Central America

Continued popularity of Central America – Massive increase by tiny Belize

The seven small countries of Central America are still in demand, although tourism growth in 2018 was not as vigorous as in previous years. The Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) welcomes the growing importance of the European market  for these seven small countries, located on the isthmus between Mexico and Colombia. Speaking at ITB Berlin, CATA Secretary General Carolina Briones pointed out: “Europe now has an eleven per cent share of the total market.”

Central America: The ‘Seven Dwarfs’ are growing – Visiting farmers in Nicaragua

For the past seven years tourism in the seven small countries of Central America has been constantly expanding. Europe is becoming an increasingly important market for tourists to these countries, exhibitors at ITB Berlin reported. More than 11.1 million tourists visited the region in 2017, just under 3.7 per cent more than in the previous year, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) registered a substantially higher figure, which includes short visits involving cross-border travel between the neighbouring countries.

Central America: More tourists and new historical discoveries

Menschen aus Costa Rica, ITB Berlin 2016

The seven small Central American countries are enjoying significantly more tourists and foreign exchange revenue. Costa Rica continues to be the region's shining example. And in Guatemala, researchers have discovered a new ancient Mayan road network. The Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) announced the latest facts at ITB Berlin. 

Central America focuses on tourists from Europe

The upsurge in tourism to the seven small countries of Central America continues. The intention is that visitors from Europe will be playing a more important role in this process in the future. “We are making progress on the European source market, which still retains a great potential for us," stated Carolina Briones, Director General of the Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) at ITB Berlin.

Extreme wildlife adventures in Central and South America: Bushmaster snakes and Jaguars

Bushmaster Snake, Legends of the Wild

At ITB Berlin 2015 “Legends of the Wild” will showcase wildlife centric expeditions around ongoing scientific field research, throughout Central and South America. The approach to conservation is pure and simple. Scientific field research to preserve wildlife and wilderness areas is supported. The expeditions monitor the status of wildlife species; most of whom are endangered today. Through the expedition revenues, Legends of the Wild fund a component of ongoing field research conducted by naturalist guides.

Abenteuertouren in Mittel- und Südamerika: Buschmeisterschlangen und Jaguare

Bushmaster Snake, Legends of the Wild

Auf der ITB Berlin stellt „Legends of the Wild“ Touren für echte Wildnis-Abenteurer in Mittel- und Südamerika vor. Die Expeditionen in die Wildnis sind rund um die laufende wissenschaftliche Feldforschung organisiert. Der Ansatz für den Naturschutz ist einfach. Unterstützt wird die wissenschaftliche Feldforschung zum Schutz der Tierwelt und Wildnis. Die Expeditionen überwachen den Zustand der Wildtierarten, von denen die meisten heute gefährdet sind.