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Exploring Tyrrhenian history with Gritaccess

© Michael Marcon

France and Italy launch a cultural themed network at ITB Berlin NOW

French and Italian tourism authorities have launched an initiative centred around the Tyrrhenian Sea with the aim of making the vast cultural heritage of this region between Naples, Marseille and the large islands more widely known.

Everything Italy has to offer is at ITB Berlin NOW: In addition to a wide range of tourism products the country has information on LGBTQ+ tourism

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The number of co-exhibitors accompanying the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) at ITB Berlin NOW this year reflects Italy’s diversity. Hundreds of co-exhibitors will be taking part with Italy’s Brand Card.

Anniversary year provides a big boost in italy

Anniversary year provides a big boost

In addition to important events in 2020, ENIT has information on anniversaries in Italy and is holding a number of press conferences at the Piazza Italia on the stand

Tuscany – Holidays for dog lovers and their four-legged companions vermittelt Ferienunterkünfte in der Toskana, bei der Herrchen und Hund entspannt gemeinsam Urlaub machen

When conversation turns to Tuscany, endless fields of lavender, olive groves, picturesque vineyards and ancient castle ruins spring to mind – in short: holidays to satisfy all the senses. If, during the conversation, one cautiously asks if dogs are welcome, quite often the answer is “Yes”: "I cani sono benvenuti."

Plenty of things to do for dog lovers