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ITB Berlin Partner Country 2019

An underwater encounter – in Sungai Petang visitors can get unusually close to the ’king of fish’

An underwater encounter – in Sungai Petang visitors can get unusually close to the ’king of fish’

News from Malaysia: the partner country of ITB Berlin 2019

News from Malaysia: An emerging destination on Kenyir Lake

News aus Malaysia: Aufstrebende Destination am Kenyir Lake

Malaysia’s travel industry is discovering Kenyir Lake as an attraction for small and even large visitor groups. A large selection of modern houseboats is now available for tours. Kenyir Lake covers more than 209,000 hectares.

Royal Belum - The Land Before Time: Malaysian authorities are working on opening up the country’s oldest and largest state park to the public

Royal Belum: The Land Before Time

With Belum literally meaning “Land Before Time”, Royal Belum State Park is still one of Asia’s best kept nature secrets. It is part of Malaysia’s largest and oldest forest reserve – Belum Temenggor – in the northern part of the Malaysian Peninsula. Being contiguous with the smaller Bang Lang National Park and Hala-Bala Wildlife Sanctuary in South Thailand, this makes the entire area one of Asia’s largest biodiversity basins.

Discovering Malaysia’s Secret South

Malaysias unbekannter Süden

Interview: Deputy Director Tourism Malaysia Southern Region – Aaron Gan Chai Heng

Johor state is one of the least-known destinations for foreign visitors heading for Malaysia. But that is changing quite rapidly. We asked Aaron Gan Chai Heng how the state is evolving in international markets.

Dark Tourism: Penang War Museum on Ghost Hill

Das Penang War Museum ist das größte Kriegsmuseum in Südostasien – ein mysteriöser Ort, der zu Recht Ghost Hill genannt wird.

It’s said to be the largest war museum in Southeast Asia: a privately-owned heritage site in Penang that covers an area of some 8 hectares.

Penang Hard Rocks wins “BEST HOTEL DEVELOPMENT” Award

Für sein außergewöhnliches Familienangebot wählten TripAdvisor-User das Hard Rock Hotel Penang unter die besten Resorts seiner Art in Asien.

Penang’s Hard Rock Hotel has been celebrating several awards over the past year, not least of which is the Dot Award for best hotel development in Malaysia.

The Dot Property Malaysia Awards were established to recognise the best Malaysian developers, projects and design. They are seen as Asia’s most exciting property awards and are an extension of the successful Dot Property Awards that focused on highlighting the “Best of the Best” in Southeast Asian real estate last year. Winners are selected by Dot Property Malaysia and the regionally focused Dot Property Magazine.