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We Love Travel! Exhibitor News: Sustainability has high priority in Oman / A tour of Tunisia’s south

Tourism marketing in Oman is particularly focused on sustainable travel. That was a policy cornerstone of his country, said Salim Al Mamari, the Ministry of Tourism’s director of Sales & Marketing on Friday at the virtual We Love Travel! event, with a view to business after the coronavirus pandemic. The country was focused on doing everything to meet the needs of future generations where travel was concerned. He quoted a turtle reserve as an example, which was strictly protected by a decree from the sultan.

We Love Travel! Ausstellernews: Oman schreibt Nachhaltigkeit groß / Eine Tour in den Süden Tunesiens

Oman setzt beim Reisemarketing vor allem auf Nachhaltigkeit. Das sei einer der wichtigsten Pfeiler der Politik des Landes, erklärte der Vertriebsdirektor im Tourismusministerium, Salim Al Mamari, am Freitag beim digitalen We Love Travel! Event mit Blick auf die Nach-Corona-Zeit. Das Land setze auch beim Reisen alles daran, die Bedürfnisse künftiger Generationen zu berücksichtigen. Als Beispiel nannte er ein Schildkrötenreservat, das per Dekret des Sultans streng geschützt sei.

ITB Berlin Convention: Maldives – do iron, but please not at night

Necessity is the mother of invention!  The Maldives, ITB Berlin's Partner Country, needs to use drinking water and electricity sparingly, and because of that the islanders need good ideas.  Its people have been seeking and finding new solutions for the careful handling of scarce resources since 1972.  That was when the development of tourism began, said Hussain Afeef, Vice Chairman of the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry at ITB Berlin.  The expert named a few examples: natural waste is turned into compost.

Maldives: Water - elixir of life and threat to the island nation

Water is both the Maldives' lifeblood and their greatest threat.  Beaches and water sports make it very popular; at the same time, climate change and the rising sea level require extensive measures to safeguard the islands, which are generally less than one metre above sea level.  The island nation has a lot to do over the next few years in order to remain one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Indian Ocean, said Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer Hassan at ITB Berlin.  "We strictly adhere to the unique ‘one island, one resort' concept," he promised.  Of the total 1,190 islands, 116