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Statement on behalf of human rights

© Toni Reed

Managers at ITB Berlin NOW call for open LGBT+-friendliness

There are two reasons why the worldwide LGBT+ community will be able to breathe more easily following the pandemic: Tourism suppliers will be expected to make use of a new openness in this respect, to openly acknowledge this group of people, and thus to embrace human rights as well, suggested the participants in the round table at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention.

Passionate about open borders

© Paavel Liik

Tourism professionals from Spain and Austria use the ITB Berlin NOW Convention to call for a shared European way out of the crisis

Spain: Yet another record year...

Spanien, Landschaftsbild

The 75 million mark has been exceeded: Spain attracted 75,563,198 tourists in 2016, an increase of 10.3% compared to 2015. With that, the continuous increase is on a seven-year streak. Total expenditure from international tourists was € 77.625 million (an increase of nine per cent). In 2016, the number of German tourists in Spain rose to more than 11.2 million visitors (up 6.4%), making Germany the third largest source market after the United Kingdom, with almost 18 million tourists (up 12.4%), and France, with 11.4 million (up 7.1%).