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Concepts for a sustainable, fair and resilient tourism

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OECD expert Alain Dupeyras at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention on the importance of best practice examples

More added value, reduced emissions

Climate protection measures in the hotel sector

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Analysis at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention: focusing on the objectives despite the crisis

Tourism requires sustainable supply chains

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Experts at ITB Berlin NOW: European harmonisation is important

The requirements of the new Supply Chain Law meet the interests of the tourism industry. However, there must be European harmonisation, insisted researchers, manufacturers and NGOs at ITB Berlin NOW.

World debut at ITB Berlin NOW

Sustainable event organisation: Just do it!

Supporting socially responsible tourism

Für die Förderung eines verantwortungsvollen Tourismus: Turismo de Portugal präsentiert auf seiner Brand Card der ITB Berlin NOW unter anderem eine neue Kampagne für Nachhaltigkeit

Turismo de Portugal is presenting a new campaign for sustainable tourism on its Brand Card at ITB Berlin NOW

Post-COVID-19: Economic Recovery, or sustainability first?

ITB VirtualCon - Panel participants and moderation: Lucienne Damm, Julia Massey, Randy Durband, Rika Jean-François and Peter-Mario Kubsch.

An ITB Virtual Convention on December 10 discussed the future of sustainable tourism in a post-pandemic world.

Themes included: “Will sustainability goals be sacrificed to the economic recovery of the tourism sector? And will the Covid-19 crisis be a catalyst or a pitfall for sustainability in tourism?” The answer was unanimous among the four industry leaders invited to share their opinions. All agreed that sustainability will be a major component of a brand new tourism world.

We Love Travel! Exhibitor News: Sustainability has high priority in Oman / A tour of Tunisia’s south

Tourism marketing in Oman is particularly focused on sustainable travel. That was a policy cornerstone of his country, said Salim Al Mamari, the Ministry of Tourism’s director of Sales & Marketing on Friday at the virtual We Love Travel! event, with a view to business after the coronavirus pandemic. The country was focused on doing everything to meet the needs of future generations where travel was concerned. He quoted a turtle reserve as an example, which was strictly protected by a decree from the sultan.

Being sustainable means being socially responsible too

The travel industry cannot overcome the coronavirus crisis by returning to business as normal. That was what the participants in Friday’s panel on sustainability at the virtual We Love Travel! event agreed upon. Quentin Walesch from the strategy consultancy WAALD took the view that making use of recycled materials was no longer enough. Inga Huijbrechts from Radisson Hotels reminded those present that according to surveys about two-thirds of customers were keen on sustainable travel. Greater transparency was needed in order to make that possible for them.

Oman: A land of smiles that amazes visitors

Were it not for the fact that Oman has been in the catalogues of German tour operators for decades, against the backdrop of the current climate debate and talk about authentic travel and sustainability one might think they had only just discovered this tr

Were it not for the fact that Oman has been in the catalogues of German tour operators for decades, against the backdrop of the current climate debate and talk about authentic travel and sustainability one might think they had only just discovered this travel destination. Product managers are unanimous in their praise for the partner country of ITB.

Where the industry discusses tomorrow’s trends:

The ITB Berlin Convention is the international tourism industry’s leading think tank – science head Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady gives his verdict three months after the event.

The ITB Berlin Convention is the international tourism industry’s leading think tank – science head Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady gives his verdict three months after the event.

Prof. Dr. Conrady – the ITB Berlin Convention has become the international tourism industry’s leading think tank. What do you think makes it so unique?

At this year’s VIR Online Innovation Days the digital industry focused its discussions on innovation and sustainability

At this year’s VIR Online Innovation Days, which in 2019 were once again hosted by ITB at Messe Berlin’s Marshall Haus, the focus was on topics of pressing concern. On day one ’Innovation’ was the dominant theme. With the rapid growth of competitors both at home and abroad, particularly in Asia, digital tourism companies are coming under pressure to quickly adapt.

Start of the 1st Global Tourism Competition and the 17 UN Global Goals

Only a moment ago these topics were still being debated at events at the ITB Berlin Convention 2019. In order to ensure that the ongoing discussion on the challenges of overtourism, mobility, polluted oceans, climate change, biodiversity loss and cultural heritage is kept alive until ITB Berlin 2020, on 18 March the first Global Tourism Competition will kick off together with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

News from Malaysia: ITB Berlin Partner Country 2019: Just How “Green” Can a Hotel Be?

Just How “Green” Can a Hotel Be?

Interview with Anthony Wong, Group Managing Director, Asian Overland Services Tours & Travel, AOS Conventions & Events, Frangipani Hotels & Resorts, Frangipani Natural Farms, Eco Green Design & Construction and Construction Wetland.

Anthony Wong is one of Malaysia’s pioneer inbound tour operators, working adventure tours from the 1970’s. We asked him how he got into the business.

Botswana: No place for poachers

Botswana-Stand, ITB Berlin 2017

“A rhino’s horn belongs to a rhino and no one else. What is there not to understand?” Speaking at the Botswana Forum at ITB Berlin 2017. Tshekedi Khama, Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism, never strayed from his main topic: Botswana’s efforts to promote nature conservation and eco-tourism. In Africa no other sector of the economy creates so many jobs as tourism. However, without big game the country’s national parks are not very attractive to tourists.

Minister Müller appeals to tourism professionals’ conscience

Dr. Gerd Müller, Bundesentwicklungsminister

Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation Dr. Gerd Müller appealed to the tourism industry to actively address the lack of sustainable tourism. “This luxury sector must be capable of getting to grips with the issue,“ the CSU member said in a stirring keynote speech at the ITB Berlin Convention. Müller confronted his audience with three demands: Tourism had to conserve and protect while offering benefits, it had to ensure fair employment and it had to do more to protect the environment.

ExploRussia: New tours on sustainability

ExploRussia promises exceptional travel experiences off the beaten path. Customers experience destinations from a new perspective on private and customised tours in Russia. Local guides offer insider knowledge and share their passion for history and culture with the travellers. This year, sustainable packages complement existing tours. For example, a day trip to the historic town of Zaraysk may be added to the most popular tour of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Malaysia: attractive, but is it also safe?

Malaysia-Stand, ITB Berlin 2016

ITB Berlin 2017 coincides with an important political anniversary for Malaysia: the south east Asian country obtained its independence 60 years ago. To honour this occasion in a suitable fashion not only the Director of the Tourism Promotion Board, Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, but also the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Dato Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, are attending ITB Berlin.

It’s official – Costa Rica makes you happy

Costa Rica, collared aracari Vogel

Costa Rica is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination among Germans – a fact confirmed by the country’s tourist board, the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo. In 2016 Costa Rica reported 67,939 arrivals from Germany, 2.2 per cent more than the previous year. Now that new flight routes connecting Europe have been opened the aim is to ensure further growth in this source market. In 2016 arrivals from Europe numbered 434,884, an increase in visitors of 10.6 per cent. Tourists from the UK accounted for the largest share, followed by Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland.