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Trust is the new global currency

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Travelzoo unveils its representative survey on travel in times of crisis at ITB Berlin NOW

Spotlight on rebuilding trust in international tourism & travel

An ITB Virtual Convention on November 19 brought together four industry thought-leaders to discuss solutions for a key issue plaguing the travel and tourism industries: trust.

Uncertainty and fear has been sending travel demand into a downward spiral. Travellers in all parts of the world are unsettled by COVID-19. The virtual convention, moderated by Lea Jordan, Co-Founder & Head of Marketing,, looked at topics such as how we can still travel and where we can travel to; just how safe hygiene concepts are; and testing and quarantine policies.

Transparency builds trust

Numbers alone do not bring back trust in the travel industry. This was lamented by Arturo Ortiz Arduan of the Spanish embassy in Berlin at the virtual We Love Travel! event. Spain had suffered considerably from this loss of trust. Among other things, Ortiz said the “game“ that had been played with absolute and relative numbers to define high-risk areas was responsible for this.